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PPI plans are one of the most profitable types of upselling a financial firm can push on their customers, but in reality, there are very few that actually pay-out when the time comes to claiming on the payment protection insurance policy. This has been detailed in the press for many years where people have been paying each month for their PPI policy but lose out when a claim has to be made. This is why it’s vitally important to invest some money in a PPI claim letter.

Is your piggy bank looking sad due to miss-sold PPI?

The PPI claim letter will enable you to tick the boxes that the insurance company needs in order for them to have no choice but to pay-out. The interest that’s added onto your loan, finance and credit card is incredible and if you’re paying for an insurance service but need to jump through hoops and lose out when you try and claim, then it’s time to turn the tables and get the insurance policy working for you instead of against you. The only way to do so is by having a PPI claim letter written up so it will work in your favour.

The mis-selling of PPI policies is so great that insurance companies have been profiting hugely from these as the ‘payment’ fee is added to the overall amount of the loan or credit itself, which adds to the interest that is needed to be paid. Effectively, when you take out a PPI policy you are adding to the debt you already want to take on. Then, if you lose your job or can’t afford the repayments for the credit, there have been too many cases of people defaulting on the loan or credit as they aren’t eligible for the protection in the first place. This is why a PPI claim letter is vital so you gain everything you’re entitled to.

Why a PPI claim letter works in your favour

The reason many people fall foul of PPI claims or are ineligible is that they were mis-sold the policy in the first place. It might have been unsuitable for you and only a PPI claim letter will be able to help you get the result you need. Doing it yourself will most likely mean that you will lose out. Insurance companies are very good and refusing to pay out and will find loopholes so they keep your money and you are left without the payment protection plan nor the funds to pay the monthly repayments that you thought you could rely on.

Most people that were mis-sold a PPI policy will be able to see it added to their bill each month on their statement. This will detail how much you pay off your loan or finance and how much is kept as ‘insurance’. The problem being is when it comes to cashing-in on your payment protection plan, if you are ill and cannot work or lose your job, the amount of people who successfully manage to be given a pay-out from a PPI claim is very low. If you’re in the unfortunate bracket of needing to file a PPI claim, then you need to make sure you have a well-written PPI claim letter that makes sure you will be paid out.

If you’re looking for a PPI claim letter due to being mis-sold a PPI policy, then again, you need a PPI claim letter so that you can start the process in recouping some of the money that you paid out after being mis-sold. It’s a long and drawn-out process, the PPI compensation stages, but a small fee will usually see your case moved along faster. You can leave your PPI refund in the capable hands of an agent who will fight your case for you and manage your claim so that you are given the money back you’re entitled to.

Just as the banking charges from overdraft fees, there has been a huge shift in the way that finances are dealt with and in most cases the courts have had to be involved. That’s why it’s important to get your case moving quickly and efficiently by using a PPI claim letter. It’s not as straight-forward as asking for a refund and getting it, as it can take much longer and be more complicated as banks and financial services try and retain their profits.

A claims management company will be able to draw up a PPI claims letter which will stand you in good stead to getting a PPI refund or filing your claim so you actually receive a pay-out from the insurance company. The sad fact is that so many people are paying over the odds every month for their finance, loans and credit cards and it’s mainly due to the payment protection fee that is added. This bulks up the total amount of the loan and cuts into the monthly payments you make. And, just to make it worse, there is only a slim chance of being given a pay-out when you actually need to file a claim.

These days, it’s more likely that you can get a PPI refund as you can employ the services of a claims management company. That way you get the best service and using the skills of the claim officers you can enjoy the fruits of a well-written PPI claim letter which will give you the best chance of receiving the money you’re owed or entitled to.

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