PPI Success Stories

Happy person receiving a windfall of cash from their PPI claim

The miss-selling of PPI has devastated thousands of people in the UK who had to pay excessive amounts of money for little to no benefits. Luckily, the ruling by the high court has made it possible for claimants to get their money back if they have taken out certain loans, credit card loans, and similar such financial responsibilities upon which was forced unreasonable PPI terms. Thankfully, the process has already started and there are many success stories. Many of these PPI success stories come from claims companies who have been able to provide their services in exchange for a small fee, and many come from individuals like yourself who have decided to take your own action with a claims letter. Below you will find a number of PPI success stories that show just how many people have had their lives changed. After the economic crisis, many of these people could barely make ends meet and the PPI scam only further drained their resources.

Let me tell you about one such success story, my own…

It was actually some years ago, well before the recent high court ruling, that i first became aware of the PPI miss selling from various banks and as i wasn’t exactly on the best of financial footings at the time i thought it couldn’t hurt look further. After some research, i thought i might as well give it a go, for the cost of a stamp it’s well worth it as by my rough calculations i was owed around £1,200!

To be perfectly honest, i wasn’t expecting to hear anything back about it but to my surprise around 4 months later i received a letter from the bank in question stating that they had a chance to review my claim and that whilst they felt i had been sold the policy in good faith, they also appreciated my custom and as an act of “good faith” offered me just under £800 on the condition of course that i absolved my right to further compensation.

Well, i was a little taken back at first but I realised they don’t just offer out £800 for no reason, they where guilty, they knew it, i knew it. I admit it was tempting to take them up on the first offer, as whilst i thought i could get more, i knew they would do everything in their power to delay things… After some days i decided i would reject their offer and again lay out the reasons and figures I’d used in my calculations that showed i was owed around £1.2k.

Not surprisingly, it was some time before i heard from them again however eventually i did. Opening up that letter in the morning they had improved their offer, to just over £1k and whilst was still lower than what i expected, considering the time involved i was happy to accept their offer! It’s important to remember though, this was long before the recent high court rulings which now means the banks can be held accountable by the financial ombudsman should they try to delay your claim, so get on them. It’s your money, not theirs. Take those first steps today!

The high court’s ruling has led to many people getting back on their feet financially and we have the success stories to prove it. Many of the people who have had success retrieving money have no idea exactly what the scam was about or how it was applicable to them. The claim companies were able to not only handle all the details, but avoid confusing or stressing out their clients. If you are considering getting your money back then you should read the PPI success stories as a way to become familiar with what they can do for you.

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